When Comparing other CBD products up against hempxclusivecbd you will see that we provide more of what you want and less of what you don’t want. At hempxclusivecbd we stand by our CBD isolate products. With a CBD isolate the consumer is getting nothing more then the isolated (hints the name) CBD molecule. This means that you are getting zero percent of other contents that are typically in many other CBD brands, including impurities, pesticides, additives, supplements and other cannabinoids like THCV and THCA, the psychoactive components that even at very small percents are legal, still can not show up on drug screens for professionals or create even a potential subtle “high” for children administered by their mothers and others not seeking recreational uses but medical and health benefits only from the CBD component.


Many other brands will also contain less CBD then what is stated on the product or some may not even contain the CBD molecule at all!  At hempxclusivecbd our passion is to bring healing and relief to individuals and families. With CBD being a new industry, there’s many of the fly-by-night players looking to make a quick dollar and do not have a true healing intention.This can also happen because the FDA doesn’t rigorously monitor the creation and distribution of CBD. So many brands aren’t under strict scrutiny when it comes to how they concoct, label, and sell their hemp CBD creations.


We at hempxclusivecbd stand behind our products. Guaranteed with third party laboratory results we can provide to ensure you are getting 99.77% and above pure CBD isolate derived from natural, organically grown Hemp from our industrial Hemp farm in Colorado.


When stepping back and looking at the CBD market holistically you will quickly realize that another reason why you want hempxclusivecbd CBD compare to other brands is due to our cost efficiency. For quick point of reference, while other branded 500mg tinctures on average cost $70.00-$80.00 and 1000mg tinctures $120.00-170.00 we are priced at half or more below these outrages prices. This is applied across our entire product line. hempxclusivecbd being the team of healers and natural healthcare providers, we decided long ago that we wanted a true superior quality CBD product that we could provide society with at half the cost so everyone could experience the wonderful holistic healing power of hempxclusivecbd CBD.