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Our Hemp is sun grown and cultivated in the USA from an industrial hemp farm located in Colorado, which is one of only four states where lab testing is state mandated. Our CBD isolate is 3rd party lab tested for purity and potency which is guaranteed to be greater than 99%. It is free of any herbicides, pesticides, additives, fillers, or harsh chemicals.

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Kiss joint pain goodbye.

Diolfreeze is great for general inflammation, musculoskeletal pain, arthritis and many other localized concerns.

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What's the difference between 'CBD Isolate' and 'Full Spectrum CBD'?

HempXclusive serves those in the professional workforce that are required to undergo a drug screening to ensure professionalism. Claridiol CBD isolate ensures superiority by extracting all THC and impurities that are found in whole plant matter (full spectrum) CBD oils.  Our priority is to make our clients feel safe and secure with consuming Claridiol CBD products which is the reason we stand behind our CBD isolate. At HempXclusive there is no need for worries or risks. We deliver a CBD isolate with transparency and authenticity providing safety, security and satisfaction. Claridiol, your clear path to wellness.

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Our mission is to inform and properly educate families, individuals and society at large on the true healing benefits and potential of hemp and CBD derived from hemp. How one can use it and how it physiologically affects the brain and body. We are a team of healers who want to spread the good word about hemp. For it does not just stop at extracted CBD for health benefits when ingested but has the potential to revolutionize our world with replacing traditional tree paper products and being sourced as a biofuel and many other uses.

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