I have tried many different supplements to help me STAY asleep, including melatonin, and this HempXclusive Night Time Sleep Aid is the best so far. It doesn’t force me to fall asleep, it just helps me stay asleep, therefore I get better quality rest.

-Jorge Gurgel

Jorge Gurgel

What a fantastic establishment ran by a great team of people! Thankful for amazing products available when everyone else has taken it off the shelves!!!

-Chuck Beyersdoerfer

Good reputable company with great products that can help a lot of people ! Give them a visit !

-Kells Thraxx

Yes .. alternate or replacement therapy starts with these guys. healing our communities , mind , body and spiritual lifestyle !! Thanks guys!!

-Dylan Moore

“I am using the topical CBD cream, 1000 mg on my knees and thigh and I am waking up with no pain. Also taking 3 drops of 1000 mg CBD tincture at night and sometimes in morning. I am able to go exercise at YMCA and the water exercise feels so good!”

-Dolores Simmons

Dolores Simmons
” Your CBD is hands down, the best I’ve used!”
– John Cox
John Cox